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Copper Queen Hotel Ghost Stories An Otherworldly Experience

Take home your own Copper Queen hotel ghost stories. Spend the evening entranced during a haunted overnight with one of our resident ghosts... if you dare! Make contact with the spirits of the Copper Queen Hotel in one of our three ghost rooms, for a supernatural encounter you won’t soon forget.

room with 2 beds

Room 401: No Name Room

If you smell the faint aroma of smoke from a cigar, you might be about to meet the resident ghost of room 401, the most haunted room in our hotel. Taking on the form of an older gentleman with a top hat and cape, he can often be found lurking around doorways and appearing in shadows of rooms on the fourth floor.

bed with red bedding

Room 315:
Julia Lowell

Featured on spine-tingling TV shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, room 315 remains haunted by the ghost of Julia Lowell. Julia was a beautiful courtesan who hung herself after an unrequited love affair with one of her regulars who refused to leave his wife after she professed her feelings for him.  

room 412 close up to the bed and window area

Room 412: Billy

Haunted by the ghost of a small boy who drowned in the San Pedro River, Room 412 where you will find Billy, a mischievous spirit who can be heard running through the hallways, giggling, and turning door handles. Try leaving some candy out to encourage him not to hide or move your belongings around the room.